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Hey, Jackass!

May 15, 2017

Chicago attorney Brendan Cournane is in-studio. Options guru and veteran floor trader Frank Fahey joins Chief and Brendan at the top to talk slow markets, inner-city violence and more (Check out Frank’s latest markets preview). Chief and Brendan then touch on the latest episode within the Trump administration before wondering who from the Democratic party could possibly turn this ship around. Finally, David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures talks $AMZN, $FB and the early season struggles of the Chicago Cubs. 

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What A Wacky Week

May 12, 2017

The Chief and Kevin O’Neill kick off the show to talk Comey, insurance companies and Notre Dame season tickets.

Wayne Madsen joins the show once again as we delve deeper into our Government issues and how we are reminded of watergate. He advices to be careful on what you read in any of the media.

John Neal rounds out the show as we talk playoff hockey and markets before the opening bell.


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Choosing The Bad Guy

May 11, 2017

The Chief and Lou Michels kick off the show to talk Donald Trump vs the press. He gives us a breakdown on the firing of FBI Director Comey before we talk about ‘leakers.’

We touch on Disney’s earning reports…mainly ESPN before rounding out the show.

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You’re Fired

May 10, 2017

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The Chief and Kevin O’Neill kick off the show to talk about Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey.

Fari Hamzei of Hamzei Analytics joins The Chief for his Wednesday segment. We talk markets, and North Korea before being joined by David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures. He acts as Chief’s guide on this week’s hot stocks.

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Trading The News

May 9, 2017

The Chief and Jon Najarian kick off Tuesday’s show. They talk about world events and how it could affect our day to day markets. WHat outliers lie in wait, just to surprise us?

Joel Elconin of talks ‘trading the news’ and the Kentucky Derby.

Kenny Polcari joins us for his weekly stint and gives his take from the New York Stock Exchange. Karl Denninger makes a rare Tuesday appearance and drops some knowledge on healthcare and medicaid. John Neal from PTi Securities-West rounds out the final half hour of the show as he leads us to the opening bell.

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