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The Chief’s Trickle-Up Plan

June 16, 2017

Kevin O’Neill leads off with his thoughts on the current market conditions, interest rates, the managerial class and more.  Chief and Kathy Dervin welcome Economic Journalist Pedro da Costa of Business Insider. The three of them discuss Federal Reserve announcements, bank bailouts, student loan debt and the growing indebtedness of Americans.

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Trump, Big Banks and Dodd-Frank: Oh My!

June 15, 2017

Lou Michels is in-studio for another spirited debate about economic venom. Chief and Lou cover everything from the shooting at the congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday and the economy, to Mueller’s investigation of Trump.

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What Will the Fed Do Today?

June 14, 2017

Kevin O’Neill leads off with his thoughts on the Comey hearing, joblessness and a discussion on breaking the multi-generational cycle. before talking Indiana toll increases and more.  Fari Hamzei of Hamzei Analytics breaks down inflation and the upcoming Federal Reserve position on interest rates along with the latest in trading strategies.  David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures talks the DAX, Japan’s investing in US ETFs and the state of the economy.

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The End of Dodd-Frank? Maybe – Next Stop the Senate

June 13, 2017

Jon Najarian of CNBC’s ‘Fast Money’ calls in to discuss the decision made by the House lawmakers to kill Dodd-Frank, the VIX and much more. Joel Elconin of Benzinga reflects on the current market and how the industry has changed.  Karl Denninger of Market Ticker returns to the show to break down the jobs number, the cause of American poverty and whether or not it can be fixed.  Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ office talks Stanley Cup Finals before taking a look at medical stocks and municipal bonds.

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Remember Life Before Amazon?

June 12, 2017

Chief and options guru and veteran floor trader, Frank Fahey, kick off the show talking about the latest market news.  Dr. Mark Johnson returns to the show for a discussion on rural areas increase in prescription drug addiction and how joblessness plays a part. Finally, David Andalman joins the Chief reminisce on markets “back in the day” and how Amazon is changing the way we shop.

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