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Trying to Plug a Leak

March 21, 2017

The Chief and Nick Isasi kick off the show talking the NCAA NIT from the night prior. How did Illinois State blow that? We then touch on Comey’s press conference before being joined by Jon Najarian. He helps us make sense of the markets after Comey’s conference yesterday.

Joel Elconin of joins us to talk University of Michigan basketball and rate increases. Kenny Polcari calls in from New York and give his take on corporate tax reform and our markets.

Wayne Madsen is our featured guest for the day as he tries to walk Chief through these leaks. Who should be the maddest throughout all this?

John Neal rounds out Tuesday’s show and talks what stocks are actually tradeable this week.

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Bracket Busted Mondays

March 20, 2017

Brendan Cournane is live in studio with The Chief. Frank Fahey joins us over the phone to kick off the show.

We touch on The NCAA men’s basketball tournament games from over the weekend and reminisce on our busted brackets before touching on healthcare in our new presidential climate.

Frank Fahey waljks us through some stocks from the last week before signing off.

The Chief and Brendan go over some of these new budget cuts that Trump is introducing. Who will suffer the most? Who will win?

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Give it the Ol’ College Try

March 16, 2017

The Chief and Lou Michels warm up for their weekly bout with some quick talk about the NCAA men’s basketball tournament that kicks off today – and Lou’s choice of suits. They touch on Paul Ryan and his choice of actions before going on a tangent about sports teams and how teams continue to succeed over years.

Lou gives The Chief a lesson on North Korea and their nuclear capabilities. Public transportation throughout the world is our next topic of discussion and we round out with College basketball. How have coaches adapted to this one-and-done mentality? Lastly – why is the NFL slowly disappearing?

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Snapchatting The Futures

March 3, 2017

The Chief and Kevin O’Neill kick off the show to discuss the market’s behavior from the last two days. They tell stories about investments from the last few years before being joined by Frank Fahey!

Kevin O’Neill signs off after giving his take on the remaining ‘bubble’ teams for the upcoming NCAA ‘March Madness’ tournament.

Frank Fahey and Chief talk about Obamacare. The good, the bad and the ugly.

John Neal joins us to round out Stocks and Jocks for the week as we discuss overbearing regulatory laws, some rising stocks, and Snapchat’s IPO from the day prior.

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Trade Talks

February 24, 2017

The Chief and associate producer Nick Isasi kick off the show to talk The Chicago Bulls trade from the day prior. David Andalman of PTi Securities joins the show for a rare Friday appearance to talk money and taxes. He gives his buy and sell list before signing off for the day.

Kathy Dervin joins us live in studio as we discuss some stocks and politics in the workplace.

John Neal helps round out Friday’s show and indulges in some baseball trivia courtesy of The Chief. He gives us a lesson on one of the most sought after autographs in baseball before shedding some light on these wacky markets.

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