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Anti-Trust Worthy

May 23, 2018

Kevin O’Neill calls in for hour one to discuss the importance of status, business ethics and the expansion of educational options. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker joins us for hour two to cover everything from China to the U.S.’s lack of anti-trust enforcement. 

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All He Could Bluster

April 25, 2018

Kevin O’Neill leads off the show talking President Trump’s management style, Washington D.C.’s effect on elected officials and the NFL Draft. Russell Rhoads of the CBOE is in-studio for hour two discussing trading strategies and technology’s influence on the service industry. 

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Drafting A Revival Plan

April 24, 2018

Chief and Matty Weber kickoff the show previewing this week’s NFL Draft. Joel Elconin of Benzinga calls in to talk earnings before sharing his sleeper draft pick. Kenny Polcari, Director of NYSE Floor Operations at O’Neil Securities and a contributor to CNBC, continues the discussion on earnings driving this morning’s rise in the markets. Author and Professor at Columbia College Chicago, Eric Charles May, calls in to talk college admissions before discussing the current state of New Orleans, LA. Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ location talks write-offs, the importance of reviving the newspaper industry and much more. 

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Southtown Drain

April 20, 2018

Matt Weber is back from Las Vegas. Chief and Matty welcome Kevin O’Neill for hour one to talk Athletic Directors’ salaries and the value of organizational leaders. Kathy Dervin is in-studio. Chief and Kathy welcome Zak Koeske of the Daily Southtown to discuss the corruption in Harvey, IL and whether or not there’s any hope for the struggling South Suburbs of Chicago. John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ location closes the show discussing everything from adrenaline junkies to oil prices. 

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Doofus Capital of Indiana

April 13, 2018

Kevin O’Neill calls in from French Lick, IN to discuss the tactics of the Trump Administration, the future of the ‘One and Done’ era in basketball and much more. Kathy Dervin is in-studio. Chief and Kathy talk Facebook before welcoming Mark Painter of the History of the Twentieth Century podcast. Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ location discusses the unprecedented Shohei Ohtani before talking markets. 

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