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Topics: Supreme Court

Top Gun & Toilet Seats

March 23, 2017

Lou Michels is in-studio with the Chief covering an array of topics ranging from Trumpcare and Russia, to wiretapping and the apparent terrorist attack in London. And those weren’t even the most interesting discussions on this morning’s show. 

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Trumpcare Beware

March 22, 2017

David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures kicks off the show talking markets and trading strategies for the week. Kevin O’Neill joins in discussing Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan, the downfall of Sears and much more. Jon Najarian of CNBC’s ‘Fast Money’ shares his thoughts on where Trumpcare misses and how he would attempt to fix it. 

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Snow Day

March 14, 2017

Joel Elconin of Benzinga discusses Michigan’s unlikely run to a Big Ten Tournament championship before looking ahead to their NCAA Tournament chances. Kenny Polcari, Director of NYSE Floor Operations at O’Neil Securities and a contributor to CNBC, predicts down markets due to interest rate hikes in the coming months. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker eviscerates the GOP Healthcare plan before laying out real solutions to real medical industry problems. John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ office talks trading strategies. Finally, Jon Najarian of CNBC’s ‘Fast Money’  tells us how to affordably buy protection and much more. 

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End of Employees

February 9, 2017

Lou Michels is in-studio for his weekly visit (argument) with the Chief. They discuss fiduciary rule, surge pricing, independent contractors, government waste and much more. They even agree on a few things! 

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Vampire Squids

February 6, 2017

Brendan Cournane returns to the show in-studio to talk Illinois’s credit rating, last night’s Super Bowl comeback by the Patriots and much more. Options guru and veteran floor trader, Frank Fahey, predicts a flat market this week in spite of inflammatory political announcements (check out Frank’s weekly blog here). Matt Taibbi, writer/reporter for Rolling Stone, has a detailed discussion with the Chief regarding financial regulation and the role of the media covering the new administration. Finally, David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures tells us how to trade these markets.

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