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One Day at a Crime

Kathy Dervin is in-studio talking interest rates, James Foley and the Gordon Beckham trade to the Angels. Chicago homicide reporter, Peter Nickeas, discusses violent crimes in Chicago and the different policies and challenges pertaining to them.

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This show combines the market insight of Louis Rukeyser, a dash of sports, and the humor of Seinfeld with truly honest stock market and economic advice.

A talk show focusing on business and real market analysis, “Stocks and Jocks” breaks valuable news at the top of the trading day. This sometimes-irreverent show is just the thing for investors who need information about what to expect from Wall Street. It is interactive, listener-driven and hosted by financial industry gurus Tom “The Chief” Haugh and Jon “Dr. J” Najarian.

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August 21, 2014

David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures provides technical analysis and strategies for participating in today’s markets. Then, longtime contributor Bob Cerone along with Thursday’s regular guest Kevin O’Neill call in and talk about the Los Angeles Dodgers’ and Houston Astros’ respective TV deals and the future of sports cable packages. Lastly, Bob and the Chief delve into today’s healthcare situation and where we’re headed.

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On the Dole

August 20, 2014

Lou Michels is in-studio as he, the Chief and Matty have a spirited discussion over Ferguson, welfare and race relations in this country. 

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Leaving Las Vegas

August 19, 2014

Jon Najarian of optionMONSTER is in-studio talking about the gambling industry, Little League World Series and more. Kyle Bazzy of Benzinga discusses Home Depot earnings and other players this week.

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I Say Potato, You Say Potahto

August 18, 2014

David Andalman of DACS Research provides technical analysis, discusses how frustrating it is to trade markets with low volatility and touches on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Ag-Mondays continue with Chris Manns of PTI Securities & Futures in-studio and special guest Ryan Krabill, Senior Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs at the National Potato Council.

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