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A Rational Response

Kevin O’Neill calls in for hour one to talk Capital punishment, corporate tax rates, and much more. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker joins us for hour two to discuss inflation, rising home assessments, and the disappointing jobs number.

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This show combines the market insight of Louis Rukeyser, a dash of sports, and the humor of Seinfeld with truly honest stock market and economic advice.

A talk show focusing on business and real market analysis, “Stocks and Jocks” breaks valuable news at the top of the trading day. This sometimes-irreverent show is just the thing for investors who need information about what to expect from Wall Street. It is interactive, listener-driven and hosted by financial industry gurus Tom “The Chief” Haugh and Jon “Dr. J” Najarian.

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Markets, Stocks, Inflation

May 6, 2021

Started the show with technical problems. Then Lou Michels joins us for the rest of the hour talking about the Death penalty In South Carolina and the rules, regulations and patents on vaccines, also discussing India’s troubling problems with Covid and lack of vaccines. Dan Johnedis, President & CIO of Cratus Capital LLC, joins us to talk markets, stock plays ,capital gains taxes and more . John Flannigan closes the show discussing Pelton’s recall, stocks, inflation and the upcoming problems with rents in the city.

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Just In Time

May 5, 2021

Kevin O’Neill calls in for hour one talking supply chain management, ‘just in time’ inventory, and what it will be like when the remote workforce returns to the office. Russell Rhoads calls in for hour two to talk inflation, government overreach, and much more.

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“I would be the best Trickler of them all”

May 4, 2021

Brendan Cournane kicks of the show with a conversation about inflation and the tax proposals. Joel joins in to talk trickle down economics. Tom picks Kenny’s brain about inflation and how life is in Florida. Jeff Joseph takes over for the second hour to continue conversation on inflation and tax proposals.

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Concealed Scary

May 3, 2021

Chief and Matty Weber kickoff the show discussing a rise in concealed carry applications in Illinois before recapping the Bears’ NFL draft. John Flannigan calls in to talk corporate boards, post-graduate education, and the ‘management class’. Chief and Matty Weber close the show talking inflation and more.

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