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Topics: Market Crash

Volatility and Momentum

May 14, 2018

Chicago attorney Brendan Cournane is in-studio. Chief and Brendan welcome options guru and veteran floor trader, Frank Fahey, for hour one to talk household debt, governmental grants and patent limits. David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures discusses market momentum before talking $TSLA and $FB. 

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Bilaterally Regulated

March 27, 2018

Chief and Matty Weber tip off the show discussing the relevance of bilateral trade agreements. Joel Elconin of Benzinga is heading down to the Final Four in San Antonio, TX. He tells the Chief all about it. Kenny Polcari, Director of NYSE Floor Operations at O’Neil Securities and a contributor to CNBC, believes over regulation and the emergence of dark pools have greatly diminished his industry. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker calls in to get into the weeds on how Facebook and other tech giants are successfully mining our data. Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ office talks trading strategies. 

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Gunning for a Better Future

February 16, 2018

Kevin O’Neill joins us for hour one to discuss the most-recent mass shooting before talking NCAA basketball corruption. Pedro da Costa of Business Insider calls in to talk inflation before sharing his student loan debacle. Lastly, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ location wonders if Mitt Romney would have won the 2016 Presidential Election had he run (share your opinion here!). 

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Indexing Inflation

February 14, 2018

Kevin O’Neill leads off the show talking ‘group think’ dynamics before breaking down the Cubs’ signing of Yu Darvish. Russell Rhoads of the CBOE is in-studio for the second hour talking VIX, hedging your positions and hidden inflation. 

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Back Into Kilter

February 9, 2018

Kevin O’Neill leads off the show talking crazy markets, NBA trade deadline and baseball analytics. Kathy Dervin is in-studio. Chief and Kathy welcome Hal Snarr of Westminster College to discuss why today’s economic climate is so heavily affected by politics. Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures talks proven protection strategies. 

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