Guests: Brian Tuohy

Fixin’ the Matches

Stocks and Jocks friend Brian Tuohy, professional sports gambling expert, joins the show to discuss the recent gambling scandal rocking the world of tennis. In the last half hour the Chief, Kathy Dervin, and Brian discuss the state of ESPN and it’s parent company Disney. When viewers have the luxury of on demand content through providers like Netflix and Amazon can traditional television networks like ESPN compete?

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How to Gamble on Professional Sports

At the top of the show the Chief discusses the latest productivity numbers and what Jim Paulsen is calling an “unexpected recession,” that may be looming on our doorstep. Kathy and Kevin chime in later in the hour for a lively debate over the benefits and problems of the ride sharing company Uber. In the second hour Brian Tuohy returns to Stocks and Jocks to discuss his new book, A Season in the Absyss: Sports Gambling vs the NFL’s Integrity. Brian gives us the low down on how sports gambling occurs and what leagues like the NFL are doing to deter or promote it. As the show wraps up we put Stocks and Jocks rookie, Jeremy, to the test and discuss the continued problems of Volkswagen and the production of diesel vehicles.

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The Fix Is In

Kevin Riordan of Capital Trading Group and Kathy Dervin are in-studio talking college football playoffs before previewing 2015 markets. John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures shares a ‘Stock of the Day’. Then, Brian Tuohy of The Fix Is In talks sports betting. Finally, David Andalman of DACS Research gives his ‘Can’t Miss’ stocks for 2015. 

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