Guests: Brooke Harrington

The Donnie Trump Show

The Chief and Kevin O’Neill kick off Friday’s show. They recap Trump’s press conference from the day before and try to explain what his plan for the future might or should be.

Brooke Harrington joins us from Copenhagen, hot off a lecture based off her new book – “Capital Without Borders.” She gives her opinion on Donald Trump – tells us about her time in Russia – and a bit on her sabbatical to become a wealth manager. We always love having Brooke on the show.

John Neal helps round out the show with us to talk markets before opening bell.

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Chief’s Political Revolution

The Chief and Nick Isasi kick off the show to talk about the Democratic National Convention that kicked off last night. Nick, Chief and Joel Elconin of Benzinga touch on the Chicago Cubs blockbuster trade to acquire Aroldis Chapman before talking some markets.

Kenny Polcari, Director of NYSE Floor Operations at O’Neil Securities and a contributor to CNBC helps Chief make sense of these earnings reports that are slowly starting to creep in.  Chief Drafts Kenny to his newly minted political party before Brooke Harrington joins us on the phone – and is the calm, soft spoken voice of reason we sometimes need on the show from a real economist.

Chief admits to not knowing one French person and Brooke pledges to translate for him if he ever comes to France. Yes, really.

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Capital Without Borders

Chief and Matty Weber discuss the latest on the Egyptian Air tragedy before getting into the Fed’s effect on inflation. Kevin Riordan of Capital Trading Group is in-studio talking markets. Kathy Dervin then welcome’s special guest Brooke Harrington, Associate Professor at the Copenhagen Business School, to discuss her experiences in becoming a money manager and researching offshore trust accounts.

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