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Guests: Kevin Riordan

Spring Into The Weekend!

April 15, 2016

Nick and The Chief kick off the show to talk Blackhawks and baseball in Chicago. Kathy Dervin and Kevin Riordan join us in studio to cover everything from markets to taxing by mile in Illinois to the difficulties of working in the medical industry. John Neal joins us from the Arizona office to discuss what these Doha meetings meet for our money today along with teaching Chief about ETF’s and  the bond industry. What a great way to end a week!

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Ending The Week on a High Note

April 8, 2016

Nick and The Chief kick off the show to start a discussion regarding all these different loopholes that big corporations try and exploit to avoid paying taxes. Kevin Riordan joins us in studio to fuel the discussion before Kathy Dervin helps us talk our way through this huge Panama Papers leak and the ‘underbanked’ with our esteemed guest, Pedro Da Costa. Chief and Nick finish off the show with a little conversation on just how the Chicago Bulls got so bad so quickly.

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

April 1, 2016

Nick and the Chief kick off the show to cover Elizabeth Warren’s outlandish statements, and the extremely streaky Chicago Bulls. Kevin Riordan talks markets with chief ahead of the jobs report before Kathy Dervin fills us in on her recent Ireland trip and explains how Irish folk need to confirm the actual possibility of Donald Trump becoming president. John Neal joins us out of Arizona’s PTi Securities office to calculate just what this jobs report means for us.

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Can The U.S. Feel The Bern?

March 18, 2016

Nick and The Chief kick off the show to discuss just how Bernie Sanders’ grassroots campaign got a huge jump start thanks to Reddit. Kevin Riordan joins us in studio to continue the discussion with the help of some of our listeners.  Kathy Dervin finishes off the second hour to dissect why our healthcare system is so flawed before John Neal from Arizona’s office calls in to talk markets with The Chief.

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Theater Gods and Heathens

March 11, 2016

Noah Lugeons of the Scathing Atheist joins us to break down the correct use of the word evangelical. Carrie Sullivan talks about the Theater group Factory’s new space on Howard Street and it’s inaugural show The Last Big Mistake which is written by Ernie Deak. Also the regulars, John Neal, Kathy Dervin and Kevin Riordan add to this pact show.


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