Guests: Thomas Hall

Dark Pool Nonsense

Financial consultant, Stephanie Koenig, is in-studio discussing recent political events, markets and more. The Chief and Stephanie welcome Thomas Hall, who talks fantasy football and explains in detail how to play.  Joel Elconin, of Benzinga, calls in to talk sports standings and market strategies. Kenny Polcari, Director of NYSE Floor Operations at O’Neil Securities and a contributor to CNBC, joins the show to talk about the NYSE history and squashes some common thoughts about trading stock. Kenny shares some unique information about dark pools and why they are absolute nonsense. Next we welcome Wayne Madsen of Wayne Madsen Report who shares his opinion on the Kavanaugh scandal. Finally John Neal, of PTI Securities, closes the show talking markets and more.

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The DNC Code

Hal Snarr, Author and Professor of Economics at Westminster College, joins the show, He’ll help us decipher the economic planks in the DNC and RNC platforms along with who he sees as more fit to lead, Trump or Clinton. We talk Chicago Baseball and the ‘Crosstown Classic’. Lastly, the show takes a moment to reflect on the gun violence in Chicago and what can be done to resolve the issue. 

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