Mike Hart

Mike Hart is a member of the tastytrade research team and a contributor to Stocks & Jocks every Monday morning. Mike also co-hosts Research Specials Live, where tastytrade’s researchers offer up their own interpretations of recent research studies. You can also catch him pitching trade ideas to Tom and Tony on shows such as Trades From the Research Team LIVEYou Know You Quant This, and Closing the Gap: Futures Edition.

Mike Hart’s been trading in his own account for almost 30 years, but has been trading professionally for 22 years. He has an MBA in Finance with a minor in Spanish, English, and Accounting. He also specializes in journalism, writing, and foreign languages.

During the pandemic of 2020, Mike began a hobby-turned-business of buying and selling rare stamps. He’s also been scuba diving most of his life and has reached a milestone of 50 wreck dives. He ashamedly admits that he has yet to find sunken treasure.