My Email to the President

In lieu of an actual blog post this week, I am posting the email I recently sent to I just couldn’t take it anymore.


Hi. I know the last thing you want is for anyone to reply to this with anything other than cash, but here goes. You probably don’t  know, but I was sentenced to this constant email barrage from our President, and you, because as a host of a radio show in Chicago I contacted the Obama campaign regarding an appearance on the show. I never did hear back, with even a polite “screw you” letter, other than receiving hundreds of requests for money. I, nevertheless, did support you and the President in your campaign and at the poll. However, I can’t be more unhappy with both the policies you have undertaken or the people you have selected in key spots. I thought George Bush was a dupe of the trickle down theory to an extreme fault, your policies have been worse. You have continued to give tremendous amounts to the same crooks President Bush did, and added many of your own to the list. As a small business owner you are trying your best to bury me in favor of my bigger competitors, and survival is clearly not assured. You have put the trickle down theory on steroids, something I never thought I would be able to say about a supposed Democrat. You are no Democrat, I have no idea what word I would use that would be descriptive.

I am an Economist by education, the people around you are from where? How did you manage to get a steady stream of people to hop in, make policy, grease the same people as part of the policy, then scurry out when the policy turned out to be a disaster (for most)? You have avoided, despite trillions of dollars, helping almost anyone who genuinely needed help, and have rewarded the institutions that were much to blame with franchises going forward that have to be the most lucrative in human history. I cannot bring myself to support any of the Republicans so far, but cannot support another four years of this disaster. Maybe that leaves no one to support, but that is OK, I do not recognize this country any more anyway.

Tom Haugh