Shameless Self Promotion

Good morning! I am back from Dallas and, unfortunately, am detained by business this morning (the time we waste working for our daily bread. Ha!) I will take this opportunity to ask that if you listen to the Stocks And Jocks show via iTunes, please take a moment to rate our show. Simply go to our podcast on iTunes and click on “Rate this Podcast”. You will have a chance to leave your comments. The more ratings we have, the better our visibility in iTunes and that means we will be able to make improvements to the show, expand our guest expert outreach, as well as ensure that the show is amped up with the bells and whistles you want.

And look for me on Facebook. Send me a friend request and you can view my announcements and read the questions I post for the day to see what you think about the issues that move the markets. This is also an opportunity for you to submit topics (or questions) you’d like me to discuss on the show. Make this your show, we’re talkin’ for you!

In the upcoming days you will have the opportunity to hear a whole myriad of fantastic guest experts that we will have on the show. And remember, ask all the questions you want about the markets and economy by calling 1-888-76-JOCKS during the live show or by e-mailing us at!