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Kevin O’Neill leads off the show discussing Black Friday Sales and where the day got it’s name from. He referenced the book 1984, written by George Orwell, and compared the story line to the futuristic way of life we are living in now. Lastly, Kevin and the Chief talked about Stingray, the cell phone surveillance towers designed for war purposes, and how the programs are now being used to track our locations in our everyday lives. Kathy Dervin was in-studio today. Chief and Kathy discussed tax problems for the middle class, and what “middle class” is actually defined as in today’s time. Afterwards, they touched on the CTA fare increase. Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures discusses the slim voting options of common stock holders in big companies such as Google.

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1984 by: George Orwell


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Kevin O’Neill is our Wednesday morning sports guy. His segment emphasizes what happens off the field as much as what happens on the field. All businesses have their intrigue, but the inner workings of sports organizations find their way into the public domain frequently. Unless a rant from the Chief spills into Kevin’s segment (not an unusual occurrence), he will highlight some of those sports related business issues; but be advised that those highlights usually come with an opinion. Read more.


Kathy Dervin has been with Stocks & Jocks since 2011. She has worked in the financial markets industry since 1993, including PC Quote/HyperFeed 1993 to 2003 and Thomson Reuters 2003 to 2013. She is currently Vice President at an investment bank. Read more.


John Neal directs PTI Securities’ Glendale, Arizona office serving the firm’s clients in the Phoenix metro area and across the Western U.S. He oversees day-to-day operations, including client services, investor education, staff management and marketing. John has more than 12 years of management experience in the securities and financial services industry. He joined PTI Securities in 2003 in this role. Prior to that time, he was a branch manager with Phoenix area firms, Granite Capital Management and, most recently, Independent Financial Management. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, John earned a bachelor’s degree in international management from Arizona State University in Tempe. Away from work, John enjoys reading, live music and outdoor activities. He also volunteers with the St. Vincent De Paul Society and the Lupus Foundation of America. Married with two children, John and his family live in Peoria, Arizona.

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