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Short Skirts & Super Bowls

The Chief is joined by Greg Pappas to recap on Super Bowl 58 and advertisement theory. After that, we’re joined by John Flannigan to discuss Trump’s NATO claims, past economic trends and more. Finally, real estate guru Audrey Johnson joins us for the rundown on the current housing market.

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Guests & Co-Hosts


Greg Papas is an independent trader and Monday morning contributor to Stocks & Jocks. As ‘Traditional Greeks’, his family has always been in the restaurant business. Greg is no exception, working at Chicago institution, Ceres Cafe, since 2014. Greg made his bones in the Grain Room as a clerk for Coach Doug Redmann and Adam Rich where he learned about grain swaps, automation and market making. Outside of trading and food, Greg’s interests lie in western philosophy and game theory. He is a resident of the Chicagoland area.


John Flannigan is a graduate from Notre Dame University and a retired English Professor from Prairie State College out of Chicago Heights, IL. An expert on local politics, housing and property rates. As well as that, he is a long time friend of Tom “The Chief” Haugh.


Audrey has been Stocks & Jocks’ Real Estate guru since 2010. She is the owner of Home Source Realty, specializing in the Southwestern Suburbs of Chicago and making clients happy and satisfied with their real estate transactions. Her 30+ years of experience as a Realtor in all kinds of markets and all types of housing will make your home buying or selling process more satisfying and profitable for you with less stress. Downsizing? Upsizing? Need a pet-friendly condo? Horse property? A new start in life? Not sure where to start? Contact Audrey and get started today! She enjoys making her clients’ lives better and their dreams come true- let Audrey help you with yours!