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Starting an Evolution

Kevin O’Neill calls in for hour one to discuss how political rhetoric can be both divisive and uniting depending upon what side you’re on. Chicago attorney, Gregg Rzepczynski, is in-studio for hour two discussing the evolution of Chicago, a city that he and the Chief have inhabited their entire lives.

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Kevin O’Neill is our Wednesday morning sports guy. His segment emphasizes what happens off the field as much as what happens on the field. All businesses have their intrigue, but the inner workings of sports organizations find their way into the public domain frequently. Unless a rant from the Chief spills into Kevin’s segment (not an unusual occurrence), he will highlight some of those sports related business issues; but be advised that those highlights usually come with an opinion. Read more.


Gregg Rzepczynski is a Chicago attorney and partner in the soon-to-be-launched marijuana dispensary, “420 Windy City”, located in the Rogers Park neighborhood on Chicago’s north side. Gregg was a former trader and long-time entrepreneur.