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Unlocking the mysteries of the brain…

Chief and Lou talk politics and then are enlightened with the latest neurocognitive news through an engaging discussion with Katie Mather. Dan joins with some portfolio theory and finally John closes out with believability of job numbers and tax receipts.

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Guests & Co-Hosts


Lou Michels is an employment and sports law attorney with a national law firm, who is also an NFL player agent. He joins the Stocks & Jocks show every Thursday morning from Denver, Colorado. Lou represents companies and individuals in dealing with workplace problems ranging from labor union and discrimination cases to employment contracts and trade secret disputes. He played football at Air Force, and graduated from Duke Law School, where he developed an appreciation for college basketball. He is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel. Lou grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, and Minneapolis, where his father was a professional football coach for the Minnesota Vikings for almost 30 years. Read more.



Katie joined the LACI lab Vanderbilt’s Center for Cognitive Medicine in June 2023. Prior to joining, she worked as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Norberto Grzywacz’s Laboratory of Neuroaesthetics and Neuroeconomics at Loyola University Chicago and Dr. Harry Orr’s Spinocerebellar Ataxia Laboratory at the University of Minnesota.  She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Loyola University Chicago in 2023, where she double majored in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology.  Katie hopes to contribute to developing accessible and affordable mental health treatment and plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology.



Daniel Johnedis is the President & Chief Investment Officer at Cratus Capital, LLC out of Savannah, GA. Dan oversees the business and investment process, leads the Cratus team and manages the client relationships. Mr. Johnedis has over 30 years of experience in institutional and individual portfolio management, investment research and client service, and has been featured on CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC and more.


John Flannigan is a graduate from Notre Dame University and a retired English Professor from Prairie State College out of Chicago Heights, IL.