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Valentine’s Day

Kevin O”Neill join us for the first half hour of the show recapping the Super Bowl, the Olympics and Fed policies. John Flannigan takes over for the next hour talking about the Super Bowl and the commercials, credit cards and debt, Russia and the Ukraine crisis, Fed policy and more. Mike Hart returns to the show for the last half hour talking and analyzing the market, inflation ,volatility and price fluctuations and much more.

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Guests & Co-Hosts

Kevin O’Neill is our Wednesday and Friday morning sports guy. His segment emphasizes what happens off the field as much as what happens on the field. All businesses have their intrigue, but the inner workings of sports organizations find their way into the public domain frequently. Unless a rant from the Chief spills into Kevin’s segment (not an unusual occurrence), he will highlight some of those sports related business issues; but be advised that those highlights usually come with an opinion. Read more.


John Flannigan is a graduate from Notre Dame University and a retired English Professor from Prairie State College out of Chicago Heights, IL


Mike Hart is a Tastytrade financial network personality and research team member. A veteran trader with expertise in futures and options, Mike is also a valued contributor to Luckbox Magazine – the control freak’s essential guide to life, money & probability. Luckbox is a monthly publication available on newsstands for $7.99 per issue. Stocks & Jocks listeners receive a FREE digital subscription at up today!