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Back on the Air

Good morning. I am happy to announce that the “Stocks and Jocks” show is back on the Chicago airwaves. We are also working to set up archives online for those not in our range. Yes, from 5:30am – 7:00am CST on 1240AM, Jon “Dr. J” Najarian and I can be heard on our show, “Stocks and Jocks”. This show can be heard streaming live online at our usual site, We are still working out the kinks and bugs and hope to have the show in MP3 (or podcast-like) format in an archive on our website as well as in iTunes very soon. Stay tuned!

So, while I’ve been at the office all weekend working to set up our equipment and work with our new producer, I hope to return next week with a “real” blog post for you. In the mean time, please check us out – “friend me” on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and, as before, you can send an e-mail to with your market questions.