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Will it Take a Musket Some Day?

Good morning. A whole different tone in the market this morning from prior weeks, with the stock market staging a significant rally last week. Last week the S&P was up $7.17, from a close on March 6 of $68.92 to a close last week of $76.09, a gain of 10.4%.

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The Corporation: A Portrait of Dysfunction

Good morning. We actually started the month of February with a solid advance, with the SPY up $4.15 (or 5%) on the week. This still leaves the SPY down around 3.6% for the year, but still a real advance cutting the losses for the year roughly in half. The VIX was down from 44.84 to 43.36 (3%) for the week, moving in the expected direction for an up week, but still hanging historically very high.

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