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Escalating Fear

Good morning. It was yet another week of selling in the market, with the SPY finishing at its lowest level since Sep. 17, 2010 at 112.64, down 4% on the week. That number also represents a yearly decline of 10.4%, and at this point (based on Friday’s closing action) the market is not showing much sign of an impending bottom.

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An Insult to Every American

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Good morning. Down week for the market last week, with the S&P losing 3.5% to close at 107.87. The VIX shot up 16% to close at the fairly high number of 28.53. It seems, for the moment at least, that we are still stuck in this trading range of roughly 1040 to 1120 on the S&P, with the market wanting to flutter somewhat violently back and forth from the 1080 number.

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The Corporation: A Portrait of Dysfunction

Good morning. We actually started the month of February with a solid advance, with the SPY up $4.15 (or 5%) on the week. This still leaves the SPY down around 3.6% for the year, but still a real advance cutting the losses for the year roughly in half. The VIX was down from 44.84 to 43.36 (3%) for the week, moving in the expected direction for an up week, but still hanging historically very high.

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