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A Smörgåsbord of Issues

Good morning. Despite Friday’s surprise poor numbers from the Labor Department the SPY still managed a positive week, closing up .49 at 134.40 (.4%). That small move up maintained the very strong 5.6% move up from the week before, when really the market could have had some serious losses on Friday. The Thursday ADP numbers (private sector jobs) showed a very strong 157,000 advance, causing many to revise estimates of the governmental numbers on Friday to well over 100,000, and had many thinking the surprisingly bad number of May would be revised upward.

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Protected Index Program® Education

A funny thing happened on the way to the office this weekend, as I intended to write up a nice long post. I had car trouble that detained me. No lie.  Anyway, let me take this opportunity to inform you about the terrific Protected Index Program® (PIP) educational events we have coming up.

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