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Options Are Ideal for Lowering ETF Risk

Please enjoy this Q&A article where my brother, Dan Haugh, is interviewed by Morningstar.

Rumors of a Hidden Cliff

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Good morning, and Happy New Year. The market started the New Year with a nice gain on the first day, and basically held on to those gains for the rest of the week. The SPY was up 1.39 on the week to finish at 127.14 (up 1.1%), which represents the highest levels since early September of 2008. The VIX was down on the week, closing down 2.7% at 17.13. The VIX, and the volatility levels in the majority of stocks, continue to exhibit a very pronounced skew to the upside as we go out in time.

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Entrepreneurial Impossibilities

Good morning. Down week for the market as Friday’s poor unemployment numbers spooked what had been a very flat week. The SPY finished at 89.81, down from 91.84 or 2.3% on the week. Friday’s move was actually down 2.7%, as we had been up slightly.

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Diversification Is Not Enough

My brother, Dan Haugh (President of PTI Securities) just had an article published in the 2009 June Issue of Stocks, Futures, Options (SFO) Magazine entitled Diversification Is Not Enough.

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Do you agree with this theory of investment? Your comments and thoughts are welcome.

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