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Options Are Ideal for Lowering ETF Risk

Please enjoy this Q&A article where my brother, Dan Haugh, is interviewed by Morningstar.

Rationally Bearish on Bonds

Good morning. It was a very interesting week last week for investors, especially those who either trade commodities or have used security ETFs to gain exposure (chase returns) into the commodity area. The SPY was down 2.23 (1.6%) to close at 134.20, not a very significant amount given the recent rally, but the VIX, possibly seeing what can happen when sellers arrive and longs are forced out, was up a whopping 25% to close at 18.39.

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A Fine Line

Good morning. Despite a rally last Friday (after news of the disaster in Japan) the S&P closed down 1.63 (1.2%) to end a fairly volatile week. The VIX was up 5.3% to close at 20.07. Putting the VIX move into real numbers, we had been doing some long premium spreads in the SPY for those in the PIP program when the price of the weekly at the money straddle (SPY@ 132, the combined price of the 132 call and 132 put) was roughly 1.50 with 4-5 trading days to go.

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Last Chance

Good morning. Being a bit busy today, I would just like to announce that today is the last chance to register for tomorrow’s free Protected Index ProgramĀ® Teleconference, hosted by my brother Dan Haugh. This 90-minute teleconference will take place from 6:00pm – 7:30pm and all you need to participate is a PC and a phone – the PC to view the presentation (sent to you as a link) and a phone to call in the designated number to hear Dan (you will also be able to ask questions). PTI is billed for all connections, but you MUST REGISTER at – enjoy!