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Topics: Baseball

Always Check The Toilet

September 21, 2022

Kevin O’Neill leads off our first hour talking on Putin, White Sox and NFL Helmet technology. Later on, Professor Russell Rhoads calls in to discuss policies on medical marijuana, analyzation of the Federal Reserve, and much more.

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Tightrope Surgery

August 12, 2022

Kevin O’Neill starts off our show to discuss consumer credit, new CDC regulations and the definition of “tightrope surgery”. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker talks on inflation, hotel housing, the raid on Mar-A-Lago and what it means for Trump.

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Nine Guys, One Keg

July 22, 2022

Kevin O’Neill starts off our show to discuss the good ol’ college days, Elon Musk’s shareholdings, and inflation. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker talks more on Musk, commentary on hypocrisy in law and renting out your pool.

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Wednesday The 13th

July 13, 2022

Kevin O’Neill leads off to talk on the Cubs, the Biden Administration, and Railroad. Russell Rhoads calls in for hour two to talk on renewable energy, commodities and inflation.

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Russia’s March Of Folly

April 7, 2022

Lou Michels starts off our first hour to talk on the crisis in Ukraine, MLB opening day and preparation for the next pandemic. Dan Johnedis, President & CIO of Cratus Capital LLC, joins in for our second hour to talk current trends in stocks and the housing market. John Flannigan closes the show talking on the rise and fall of retail spaces in Chicago.

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