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Blame It On The Regulators

June 22, 2022

Kevin O’Neill leads off for hour one before being joined by John Flannigan to talk on privacy in the digital era, baby formula shortages and Mid-Century attire during heatwaves. Russell Rhoads calls in for hour two to talk on Inflation, Vicks stock and loans for Bitcoin .

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You Can’t Waste a Good Crisis

January 9, 2019

Kevin O’Neill calls in for hour one to discuss last night’s border speech, who’s affected by the government shutdown and NCAA transfer rules. Russell Rhoads joins us for hour two to cover everything from inflation and immigration to a gloomy outlook for the U.S. economy. 

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Saying What You Mean

July 16, 2018

Chief and Matty Weber spend the majority of hour one looking back on the first half of the MLB season as we head into the All-Star break. Kevin O’Neill makes an impromptu appearance to debate Chief on President Trump’s comments on Russia and the EU. David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures closes the show talking markets. 

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The Italian Job

May 29, 2018

Chief kicks off the show wondering if President Trump is the first elected official ever to put the ‘Me’ in Memorial Day. Joel Elconin of Benzinga talks a little horse racing before touching on the markets. Kenny Polcari, Director of NYSE Floor Operations at O’Neil Securities and a contributor to CNBC, breaks down how Italian debt is affecting global markets. David Andalman of DACS Research makes a rare Tuesday morning appearance to talk competition. Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures closes the show sharing trading strategies and more. 

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Tariff Tantrums

March 9, 2018

Kevin O’Neill calls in for hour one to talk tariffs, healthcare costs and Notre Dame’s chances of making the NCAA Tournament after last night’s loss to Duke. Kathy Dervin is in-studio. Chief and Kathy welcome Jim Higdon, contributor to Politico and the Washington Post, to continue the discussion on the legalization of marijuana. Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ location wonders if there’s any morality left among people of high powered positions. 

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