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Nine Guys, One Keg

Kevin O’Neill starts off our show to discuss the good ol’ college days, Elon Musk’s shareholdings, and inflation. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker talks more on Musk, commentary on hypocrisy in law and renting out your pool.

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Sucks To Suck

Kevin O’Neill leads off to talk on yesterday’s Illinois primaries and past primaries, as well as fraud and long distance phone calls. Russell Rhoads calls in for hour two to talk on inflation, new cryptocurrency and Nike stock.

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Who’ll Guard The Guards?

Kevin O’Neill starts off our first hour to talk on Free Speech, The Biden Administration, NFL Draft and Amazon’s stock drop. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker calls in for hour two to discuss Taxes on Tourism, Elon Musk’s stock deals, current market trends and more.

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