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Topics: Immigration

Can You Handle the Truth ?

April 6, 2020

Options guru and veteran floor trader, Frank Fahey, leads off discussing the downside of the curve, unwanted initiative, animal testing and much more. John Flannigan continues the Coronavirus conversation, talks about changing the course, safety over freedom, risks of mental illness and more. David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures closes the show talking market and coronavirus latest updates.

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How Do You Handle Legacy ?

January 30, 2020

Lou Michels and Chief are debating the immigration issues and it’s impact on the country, social benefits, Lou shares his heartfelt tribute to Kobe Bryant, corona virus updates and more. Fari Hamzei of Hamzei Analytics calling in for hour two to talk about pricing and market, supreme court decisions, Facebook class actions with the State of Illinois. David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures continues the discussion and shares his overlook on FaceBook lawsuit, stocks, $AAPL, $GLD and oil.

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You Can’t Waste a Good Crisis

January 9, 2019

Kevin O’Neill calls in for hour one to discuss last night’s border speech, who’s affected by the government shutdown and NCAA transfer rules. Russell Rhoads joins us for hour two to cover everything from inflation and immigration to a gloomy outlook for the U.S. economy. 

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Discount to Cash

December 26, 2018

Kevin O’Neill calls in for hour one to talk markets, immigration policy and much more. Russell Rhoads joins us for hour two to talk trading strategies, Bitcoin and the NFL playoff picture. 

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Internet of Things

December 12, 2018

Kevin O’Neill kicks off the show wondering if past Presidential administrations have been as open during international trade negotiations before discussing cybersecurity and the internet of things. Robert Raiola, CPA, Director of the Sports and Entertainment Group at PKF O’Connor Davies Accountants and Advisors, joins Chief and Kevin to discuss how intrastate taxation affects high-priced free agency decisions among professional athletes. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker returns to the show in hour two to talk immigration, property taxes and labor numbers. 

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