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We can take care of that…

Today’s show opens and ends with Author and Professor at Columbia College Chicago, Eric Charles May, IN-studio, talking markets, sports, unions, politics and more. Kevin O’Neill calls in to join the guys for hour-one to talk politics, trade, markets, and sports; adding a special shout out to his favorite teacher at Notre Dame. Chief, Eric and Katie end the second half of the show discussing the importance of discussing history, so not to relive it, adding the lasting impression their parents’ experiences during the Great Depression, versus today’s society where everyone ‘deserves’ the American Dream.

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Nothing Soft About Softball

Kevin O’Neill and The Chief kick off the show telling war stories from some intense softball games before touching on the election and the DNC.

We touch on the Olympics and the Russian national team ban along with the historical evolution of PEDs in sports. Fari Hamzei of Hamzei Analytics joins us for his usual heated segment talking markets. He and the Chief touch on ‘hacking’ and how it become a problem we hear about on a near weekly basis.

David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures finishes off the show with his call for the day and a bit of a recap of the effects from the recent Brexit vote.

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An $AAPL a Day

Lou Michels is in-studio discussing tax code, $AAPL, “Deflate Gate” and more. Kevin O’Neill of ND Nation previews tonight’s Duke vs. Notre Dame men’s basketball game in South Bend. 

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Islamic State

Lou Michels is in-studio discussing the evolution of workplace behavior, the Middle East and more. Special guest John Hendren of Al Jazeera English talks ISIS and the developing situation in Iraq. 

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