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Back to Deja Vu

By Tom Haugh on May 29, 2012

Good morning. It has been a while since I have written, and most have followed the markets and the news by listening to our morning radio show “Stocks and Jocks.”

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It’s All Greece to Me

By Tom Haugh on February 13, 2012

Good morning. Last week the market was essentially flat, with the SPY down .21 to close at 134.36. That still leaves the SPY up 7% on the New Year in six weeks.

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For “The Greater Good”

By Tom Haugh on January 30, 2012

Good morning. The market was virtually unchanged in a slow week of trading last week, with the SPY up .31 (.2%) to close at 131.82. Still, that increase added to the gains so far this year, which now stands at 4.8%, a healthy start for the S&P.

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Let’s Talk Monetary Theory

By Tom Haugh on January 17, 2012

Good morning. The market continued its move to the upside last week, with the SPY up 1.13 (.9%) to close at 128.84. That close represents a move of 2.7% (3.84) since the start of the year and an impressive 7.3% (8.81) since the recent low on Dec. 19 of last year. Even the S&P downgrade of several European countries late last Friday, including France losing the coveted AAA rating, has not seemed to stop the market advance.

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The Prognosis Going Forward

By Tom Haugh on January 3, 2012

Good morning, and Happy New Year. There is not much to say about the market totals, either last week or last year. Last week the SPY was up a whole .09 to close at 125.50, making it down .25 for the whole tumultuous year. The market closing virtually unchanged after a year that saw a high of 137.18 on May 2 and a low of 107.43 on October 4 almost feels like someone’s idea of bad humor, but that is the tale of the tape. The VIX did close up 5.64 to 23.79 (32%), but even that increase does not even hint of the whole story that saw the VIX spot value see a low of 14 on April 28 and a spike high of 48 on August 8. All of us remember days when the market traded up huge and down huge, maybe several times, only to close little changed, but having a year like that seems a little strange.

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