Guests: Kevin O'Neill

The Numbers Game

Kevin O’Neill calls in first to chat on conflicts in the Middle East, college sports, and thoughts on the upcoming labor numbers. Karl Denninger joins our second our for more market chat, and strong feelings with the release of the labor numbers.

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I Look Slow, But I’m Actually A Lot Slower

It’s a full house today! The Chief is joined by Greg Pappas, John Flannigan and Kevin O’Neill to talk on the futures market, free speech on college campuses, Ohtani’s injury and more. Next, Audrey Johnson and Nancy Long-Graham join forces to give insight on the current housing market.

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Invisible Mr. Market

Kevin O’Neill joins our first hour to chat on recent updates in the market, with a small side of college sports talk. Russell Rhoads join our second hour to continue chatting on the market, and much more!

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