Guests: Matt Murphy

Budget Impasse in Springfield

The Chief and Maddie Field start off the show discussing the current state of politics and what the Obama administration has and has not managed to achieve. Bob Cerone of Cognos HR joins in to discuss how student debt cripples college graduates and has adverse effects on the market. Illinois State Senator Matt Murphy calls in at the top of the second hour to provide an insiders perspective on the budget impasse. He explains what Governor Rauner wants, what he’s given up on, and what the democratic majority will give him. David Andalman takes out the show with an analysis of the market.

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The State of our State

John Neal kicks off the show to talk stocks with chief along with sharing his stock of the day. Kevin Riordan and Kathy Dervin join us in studio to make sense of these wacky markets before we take off for the weekend. Lastly, Illinois State Senator Matt Murphy joins us on the phone to talk abou the budget impasse and Governor Rauner’s 2016 State of the State address.

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State of Affairs

Illinois Senator Matt Murphy returns joining the show with Kathy Dervin discussing state budget issues. And John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures discusses the latest on the markets.

Due to a technical issue, only hour 2 of this morning’s show is available via podcast.

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High Society

Senator Matt Murphy of Illinois rejoins the program to talk pensions, Bruce Rauner and attacking the budget deficit. Entrepreneur and former trader, Bob Kingsley, is in-studio discussing his latest venture into the marijuana industry. Then, Kenny Polcari, Director of NYSE Floor Operations at O’Neil Securities and a contributor to CNBC, talks earnings, $AAPL and inflation. 

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Fight Or Flight

Lou Michels is in-studio discussing the airline industry, Savings & Loan and more. Senator Matt Murphy of Illinois rejoins the show to talk election season and his proposal to add another Big Ten caliber university in the state of Illinois. Finally, Tom White, President of Crossroads Financial updates us on the insurance and financial industries and how they’ve been affected by zero percent interest rates.

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