Tom “The Chief” Haugh

Tom 'The Chief' Haugh Tom (‘The Chief’) Haugh earned his BA from Notre Dame University and his MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. He was an independent Market Maker on the CBOE from 1981 – 2000 and spent 17 of those years in the S&P 100 pit. Tom served on the Board of Directors at CBOE from 1993 – 1998. He was also a member of many CBOE committees. Tom worked as a Senior Financial Analyst for Pullman Standard Railcar Company before serving as President of the Professional Traders Institute from 1990–96. This organization was established to provide educational seminars in option trading for fund managers, investment advisors and retail investors. Tom is currently Chief Investment Officer and Principal Money Manager of the Protected Index Program® at PTI Securities & Futures LP. He holds the following Series Registrations: 3, 4, 7, 24, 53, 63, and 65. Tom was a co-host of the “Stocks and Jocks: Taking Care of Business” radio show for six years with Jon Najarian on 670AM The Score before moving the show online. Tom has made guest appearances on CNBC as a financial expert and has a weekly financial blog called “DOLLAR$ and SEN$E”.

Favorite Sports Moment

Lot of good ones involving people but best ever was watching Secretariat run at Arlington Park. You just knew you may never see anything like that ever again.

One Thing Listeners Might Not Know About You

You listen, you know me, but I doubt if too many know my favorite sport to play was actually 4 wall handball. Great game, I was probably a high “B”.

One Trade You’d Like to Have Back

Too many to list regarding markets, but way back I had a backer who only wanted one guy on a badge. Instead of finding a new backer I traded DRJ to another trader who would put him on a badge. Bad trade, and I knew it.