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Break Out The Tinfoil…

Greg Pappas leads off our first hour on the Ag Market, Weather conditions and You! John Flannigan hops on for our second hour to discuss Inflation, the credibility of the CPI and the Lifestyles of congressman. Finally, Nancy Long-Graham joins in for our last half hour to discuss the the cost of Childcare, Workplace expenses and more!

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Guests & Co-Hosts


Greg Pappas started trading in 2010 and started working at Ceres in 2014. He is currently a broker at Oppenheimer. He clerked for coach Doug Redmann and Adam Rich in the grain room where he learned about grain swaps, automation and market making. As traditional Greeks, His family has always been in the restaurant business. His interests lie in western philosophy and the art of war. He is a resident of the Chicago land area.


John Flannigan is a graduate from Notre Dame University and a retired English Professor from Prairie State College out of Chicago Heights, IL.


Nancy Long-Graham is a loan officer for American Portfolio Mortgage and resident “Real Estate Guru” for Stocks and Jocks.

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