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Saudi Oil Attacks

Stephanie Koenig joins us for hour one to talk about Yemen conflict, US-Iran tensions, scuppered diplomacy and future risks. The “Habits of the Investing Greats” by Ron DeLegge II and current investment climate. David Andalman continues on Saudi-Iran conflict, drone attacks, informed targeting, prime education, federal taxes and more.

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Guests & Co-Hosts


Stephanie Koenig is currently the Associate Director of Program Management at Publicis. Over the course of her career, she has worked at a top international investment bank, the USA’s largest secondary mortgage originator, the largest fast food vendor in the world, as well a firm on the Inc. 500, Inc. Magazine’s list of the Fastest Growing Companies in America.

Stephanie has her MBA from DePaul University and is a member of the Futures Industry Association, the Mortgage Bankers Association and a member of the Chicago Federal Reserves Working Group. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Arizona and credits her love of finance to her father who was a mortgage broker for 40 years.

Her passions are skiing, sailing, soccer and live music performances. She has rafted through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado river and traveled all over the world.

SERIES – 7, 3, 63, 55, 9&10, 4, 24
Member of the FIA Operations Americas Delivery Committee.


Ron DeLegge II  is the inventor of the Portfolio Report Card™, which has been used to analyze and diagnose over $200 million of investment and retirement accounts.

After years of struggling to explain investing pitfalls, Ron developed the grading system to help people understand the strengths and weakness of their IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), and other investments.

Ron is also the long-time host of the Index Investing Show, the founder of, and an outside contributor to Financial Advisor magazine.


Technical Analyst, DACS Research, PTI Securities & Futures

David Andalman joins the Stocks & Jocks show every Monday and Wednesday morning. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and earned his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois, and then his MBA in Finance and Marketing from Indiana University. David traded for a year at the MidAmerica Commodity Exchange before starting the DACS Research Newsletters on commodity futures, which were the first all-technical research newsletters at the CME. Currently, he has been a senior wealth manager and portfolio strategist for over 23 years. He holds registrations in Series 3, 4 (Options Principal), 7, 55, 63 and is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor.