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My Email to the President

In lieu of an actual blog post this week, I am posting the email I recently sent to I just couldn’t take it anymore.

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Where Is Our Adult Supervision?

Good morning. Last week the market continued to advance, but at a very reduced rate. The SPY finished the week at 95.08, up from 94.55 or .05%, and is now up 5.3% from the 2008 close of 90.29. Rising commodity prices, especially oil, and a series of economic numbers that are showing generally a decreasing rate of deterioration seem to be fueling the rally.

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Stocks & Jocks taken off the air on WSCR…

Good morning! Where do I start? Since the last time I have written Jon and I have been removed from the radio show on WSCR, the market has declined to levels that would indicate that the upcoming recession will be longer and deeper than anyone imagined, we have a new government forming by the day, investors are nervous, and a lot of people have lost enough money to cause serious life-style revisions going forward. Nothing seems remotely positive on that list, other than everyone is “hoping” the new administration has more imagination and more feel for regular people than the last. They sure will need it.

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