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Asia, Greece and More

Good morning. It was a very interesting week for the market last week. The SPY advanced 1.38 (or .9%) on the week to close at 108.66, after actually trading lower on last Friday than the close of the week before. It was actually a fairly impressive rally off the lows last Friday, as the low opening was associated with negative market news from both Europe and Asia.

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Back on the Air

Good morning. I am happy to announce that the “Stocks and Jocks” show is back on the Chicago airwaves. We are also working to set up archives online for those not in our range. Yes, from 5:30am – 7:00am CST on 1240AM, Jon “Dr. J” Najarian and I can be heard on our show, “Stocks and Jocks”. This show can be heard streaming live online at our usual site, We are still working out the kinks and bugs and hope to have the show in MP3 (or podcast-like) format in an archive on our website as well as in iTunes very soon. Stay tuned!

So, while I’ve been at the office all weekend working to set up our equipment and work with our new producer, I hope to return next week with a “real” blog post for you. In the mean time, please check us out – “friend me” on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and, as before, you can send an e-mail to with your market questions.

Era of the Hypocrite

Good morning. It was a strong first week for the market in 2010, with the SPY closing up 3.13 on the week to 114.57 (2.8%). More importantly (maybe) is the amazing drop in the VIX, from 21.68 to 19.12, an astounding 16%. Could an expiration back spread be in our future? I am surely tempted, and may jump on one as soon as today.

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Shameless Self Promotion

Good morning! I am back from Dallas and, unfortunately, am detained by business this morning (the time we waste working for our daily bread. Ha!) I will take this opportunity to ask that if you listen to the Stocks And Jocks show via iTunes, please take a moment to rate our show. Simply go to our podcast on iTunes and click on “Rate this Podcast”. You will have a chance to leave your comments. The more ratings we have, the better our visibility in iTunes and that means we will be able to make improvements to the show, expand our guest expert outreach, as well as ensure that the show is amped up with the bells and whistles you want.

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Social and Economic Health

Good morning. Sort of an inside week for the market last week, what we in the business would call a premium sellers dream. The SPY was up a whole .41 on the week, moving from 102.97 to 103.38 (.4%). The VIX was down a little, from 25.01 to 24.76, not much of a drop considering how little movement there was. For those looking to buy long term put protection, as we do in the PIP Program, the cost for at the money put protection for December of 2011 is in the 15.5-17% of the underlying range for 28 months.

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