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Topics: Economics

Violation Of Status Quo

July 10, 2020

Kevin O’Neill calls in to discuss coming election and it’s possible outcome, existing style of government, invalidation of status quo, cancelled sports and much more. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker joins the show for hour two to talk about Covid-19 situation, accuracy of rates and it’s impact on people.

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Reevaluation of Society

June 30, 2020

Chicago attorney, Brendan Cournane, leads off the show discussing market climate, odd data provided, politicization of masks, and much more.

Joel Elconin of Benzinga recalls old sport times.

 Karl Denninger of Market Ticker joins the show expressing his thought on virus and inaccurate health care workers trial.

Jeff Joseph, Editorial Director & Publisher at Luckbox Magazine, calls in for hour two to discuss the critical infection point, reevaluation of cultural and historical standards, role of the police in civil security. Don’t forget, Stocks & Jocks listeners receive a FREE digital subscription at up today!.

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Contradicted Vacuum of Information

June 26, 2020

Kevin O’Neill calls in to discuss current Covid-19’s ranges, misinformed media, solutions vs prohibitions. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker calls in for hour two to continue the Coronavirus discussion.

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Numbers Don’t Lie

June 19, 2020

Kevin O’Neill calls in to discuss the debates over police defunding, bureaucratic system, unreliable work force and raised retail average wages, various face-mask adaptation and it’s advantages. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker joins the show in hour two for a lively discussion on what makes America America, national failure to handle Covid-19 situation, global politicization, destroyed credibility of media and much more.

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Censorship Of Idea/ Effort Filter

June 12, 2020

Kevin O’Neill calls in for hour one to discuss current perspectives of economic, political and social situation, media’s cathartic impact on public opinion and it’s outcomes, misuse of data and more. Professor Hal Snarr joins the show to express his thoughts on ongoing economic and social changes, harmful correlation between media and politics, disinformation and much more.

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