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Topics: GDP

Shutting Down

January 22, 2018

Chicago attorney, Brendan Cournane, is in-studio. Options guru and veteran floor trader, Frank Fahey, calls in for hour one to discuss the latest on the government shutdown before weighing the chances of independent candidates in 2018. David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures calls in to talk markets and how they might be affected by the latest stoppage in government. 

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Quality Over Quantity

January 19, 2018

Kevin O’Neill joins us for hour one to discuss the pros and potential cons of the new GOP Tax Bill. Lorenzo Fioramonti, Author, Professor and Director of Governance Innovation, calls in from South Africa in an effort to dispel the importance of measuring economic health via GDP growth. Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ location previews Conference Championship Sunday in the NFL before talking markets. 

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Where Consumer Credit is Due

January 9, 2018

Jon Najarian of CNBC’s ‘Fast Money’ calls in to recap last night’s National Championship Game before discussing how the GOP Tax Bill will play out. Joel Elconin of Benzinga talks markets. Kenny Polcari, Director of NYSE Floor Operations at O’Neil Securities and a contributor to CNBC, wonders if credit card debt is impairing the economy. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker returns to the show to break down the jobs number, economic recovery and the fate of North Korea.  Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ office talks options. 

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Rating Low Interest Rates

October 27, 2017

Kevin O’Neill leads off the show talking ethics in amateur athletic programs, Notre Dame football and cloud computing. Kathy Dervin is in-studio. Chief and Kathy welcome the ‘Snarky Professor’, Hal Snarr, of Westminster College. They take a deep dive into Fed strategy and how low interest rates have affected economic growth. Finally, John Neal of PTI Securities & Futures‘ Peoria, AZ location talks tech stocks and anti-trust. 

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Throw Me A Flexbone

September 15, 2017

Joel Elconin of Benzinga is in-studio! Chief and Joel are joined by Denver-based labor attorney, Lou Michels, to kick off the show. The guys talk tax reform, college football and Dianne Feinstein. Dennis Dick, proprietary trader and market structure consultant with Bright Trading LLC, calls in for a quick markets hit to close out hour one. In hour two, Chief and Joel cover everything from quantitative easing to driver-less cars.

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