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Topics: Housing

Almost Certainly Illegal

September 29, 2022

Lou Michels starts off the show talking on the Nord Stream sabotage, retrospectives on al-Qaida, and English Government. Dan Johnedis, President & CIO of Cratus Capital LLC, talks on bonds and the English economy. Colin Levesque jumps in to talk on football picks for the weekend and John Flannigan wraps up our show talking on European politics, and the current housing market.

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Bulldog Insurance

September 26, 2022

Greg Pappas stops by S&J HQ to talk on current market trends with the Chief. Later, John Flannigan calls into the station to talk about craps games in Vegas, inflation, Chicago crime and more. Finally, owner of Home Source Realty, Audrey Johnson, calls in to talk about the Chicago Bears’ win on Sunday, housing mortgages, and insight from former recessions.

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Taking It (even less than) Easy

September 19, 2022

Greg Pappas joins us live in the studio with talk on Exports from Turkey, and the AG Market. John Flannigan calls in to talk about Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Immigration, Chicago crime, and more. Finally, Housing expert, Audrey Johnson calls in to talk on the housing market, millennials, and flipping houses.

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Too Convenient

August 22, 2022

Greg Pappas joins The Chief, Live in the studio to discuss insider trading, current stock trends and the lowdown on the AG market. John Flannigan calls in to discuss the economic externalities of pollution, inflation and Chicago crime. Finally, “Housing Guru” Nancy Long-Graham calls in to talk on the Chicago housing market and more.

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Pillars Of The Community

August 1, 2022

This morning, Greg Pappas starts the day with talk on AG market, foreign commodities, and current stock trends. Later, John Flannigan calls in to discuss Chicago crime and grime, The Jane Byrne Interchange, and Taxes. Finally, Nancy Long-Graham shares her insight on the current housing market!

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