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My Email to the President

In lieu of an actual blog post this week, I am posting the email I recently sent to I just couldn’t take it anymore.

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Shameless Self Promotion

Good morning! I am back from Dallas and, unfortunately, am detained by business this morning (the time we waste working for our daily bread. Ha!) I will take this opportunity to ask that if you listen to the Stocks And Jocks show via iTunes, please take a moment to rate our show. Simply go to our podcast on iTunes and click on “Rate this Podcast”. You will have a chance to leave your comments. The more ratings we have, the better our visibility in iTunes and that means we will be able to make improvements to the show, expand our guest expert outreach, as well as ensure that the show is amped up with the bells and whistles you want.

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“Stocks And Jocks” is Back!

Combine the market insight of Louis Rukeyser with the humor of Seinfeld, blatantly honest stock market advice with a splash of sports and you get “Stocks and Jocks”!

This is NOT typical business news – this is a GREAT TALK SHOW that focuses on business, providing real financial information, market analysis, and breaking news right from the trenches of the trading day.

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Bank Stress Test

I was interviewed by Jack Conaty of Fox News Chicago on May 7th with regard to the recent Bank Stress Test.

You can view the interview and read the article here.