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Crashing the Party System

May 9, 2016

The Chief and Maddie kick off the show discussing the Kentucky Derby and the wildfires ravaging Canada. Chris Manns joins in for a discussion of the election and the party system. The crew wonders if the increasing popularity of party “outsiders” like Trump and Sanders will break the 2 party system. Stocks & Jocks friend Karl Denninger calls in with an analysis of the labor market. He says he’s not buying the optimism reflected in the recent job reports. From Arizona, John Neal calls with his stock of the week and gives his two cents on whether John McCain can hold his senate seat another term. David Andalman takes out the show with his market analysis. As far as he can tell the future is rocky but we may be exactly where we are now in 2 months.

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Inflating What?

April 21, 2016

The Chief asks Kevin O’Neill, do people really know what inflation means? People keep calling for inflation but no one seems to really understand what they’re talking about. Mark Esposito of Hamzei Analytics joins in for the last hour to discuss bank loans and question if the Fed has lost control.

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Budget Impasse in Springfield

April 20, 2016

The Chief and Maddie Field start off the show discussing the current state of politics and what the Obama administration has and has not managed to achieve. Bob Cerone of Cognos HR joins in to discuss how student debt cripples college graduates and has adverse effects on the market. Illinois State Senator Matt Murphy calls in at the top of the second hour to provide an insiders perspective on the budget impasse. He explains what Governor Rauner wants, what he’s given up on, and what the democratic majority will give him. David Andalman takes out the show with an analysis of the market.

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In the Zone, the Eurozone

April 19, 2016

Jon Najarian joins the Chief and starts the show off with a discussion of the Eurozone. The two debate whether Britain will or won’t vote to stay in the union. Joel Elconin joins in for a discussion of how hockey has changed over the years and Kenny Polcari takes out the first hour with his perspective on this week’s market. Jon and the Chief spend the second hour asking who is to blame for the spike in student loans, the complex set up in Chicago for the NFL Draft, and how well The Big Short managed to represent what actually happened leading up to the house market crash.

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Stocks 101

April 14, 2016

The Chief and Kevin O’Neil start off the show discussing national security, markets, and the price we pay for college sports. Fari Hamzei joins the conversation to discuss whether Utility industries care about their stocks when they get paid either way. The Chief and today’s guest, David England, take out the show with a discussion of what makes a stock a good stock, and what people should really be looking at when they consider making a trade.

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