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Joey: The Up-and-Coming Economist

Kevin O’Neill and Fari Hamzei join the Chief to start off the show discussing oil, football, and monopolies. Then Stocks and Jocks is joined by a very special guest, Joey Gillespie, a young aspiring economist who has some tough questions for Fari and The Chief. Joey wants to know why they love trading, what they would do for the economy if they were president, and how long Patrick Kane’s hot streak will last. In the later hour Joey packs up for school and leaves the Chief with Fari and the new woman in Fari’s life, Alexa (the voice of Amazon’s new Echo home service technology) to discuss the fate of trend brands including Chipotle, Amazon, Netiflix, and Apple.

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Guests & Co-Hosts

Kevin O’Neill

Kevin O’Neill is our Wednesday and Friday morning sports guy. His segment emphasizes what happens off the field as much as what happens on the field. All businesses have their intrigue, but the inner workings of sports organizations find their way into the public domain frequently. Unless a rant from the Chief spills into Kevin’s segment (not an unusual occurrence), he will highlight some of those sports related business issues; but be advised that those highlights usually come with an opinion. Read more.


Fari Hamzei

Founder, Hamzei Analytics

fari-hamzeiFari Hamzei is frequently quoted by CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and RealMoney -- and joins the Stocks & Jocks show every Wednesday morning. His book, Master Traders: Strategies for Superior Returns from Today’s Top Traders, was published by John Wiley & Sons in October 2006. Fari is a graduate of Princeton University with a BSE degree in financial engineering and studied equity & debt derivatives under financial pioneers Jack Shelton, Ed Thorp, Richard Roll and Bob Geske at the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management. Recently, he collaborated with Dr Robert Whaley, the inventor of original VIX, on a number of novel volatility instruments. He was a director of strategic planning at Northrop Grumman Corporation's Aircraft Group and was a Member of Board of Directors at Electronic Clearing House, (now an Intuit company). Fari is the founder of Read more.


Joey Gillespie

Joey is a 7th grader from Seven Springs Middle School in Trinity, Florida. He is an avid soccer player with hopes of making it on the Olympic Development Team for the State of Florida. Joey has an interest in learning more about finance and economics, and is a big Blackhawks fan.


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