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The Chief V. Lou Michels Round 1

The Chief and Lou Michels kick off the show by talking immigration policies – and Trump’s so called ‘draining of the swamp.”

What can be done to get citizens to care about these immigration issues? How the hell is Trump going to claim to ‘drain the swamp’ and then appoint the people he is annointing for his inner circle.

We touch on the usefulness of Twitter after discussing Kate Upton’s faithful defending of Justin Verlander.

How much of your news do you get from social media?


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Lou Michels

Lou Michels is an employment and sports law attorney with a national law firm, who is also an NFL player agent. He joins the Stocks & Jocks show every Thursday morning from Denver, Colorado. Lou represents companies and individuals in dealing with workplace problems ranging from labor union and discrimination cases to employment contracts and trade secret disputes. He played football at Air Force, and graduated from Duke Law School, where he developed an appreciation for college basketball. He is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel. Lou grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, and Minneapolis, where his father was a professional football coach for the Minnesota Vikings for almost 30 years. Read more.

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