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Throwback Thursday

Columbia College Associate Professor of Creative writing and Stocks & Jocks friend Eric Charles May joins the Chief for a Throwback Thursday. The two discuss the changing real estate market and how it makes it difficult for aspiring home owners. Eric and the Chief recall their parents’ first homes in the city and what it cost them. The throwbacks continue as the two discuss how their parents grew up in the shadow of the great depression, making spending habits and wealth discretion much different from today. At the top of the second hour the Chief picks at Eric’s higher education expertise to discuss how liberal arts colleges are worried about the decreasing enrollment rates ahead. Next they speculate if Apple actually has an electric car in the works that will change the electronic car market and turn their own earnings around.

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Lending in China Is So Risky That Cows Are Now Collateralized

Guests & Co-Hosts

Eric Charles May

Eric Charles May is the author of the novel Bedrock Faith, which was named a Notable African-American Title by Publishers Weekly, and a Top Ten Debut Novel for 2014 by Booklist Magazine. A 2015 recipient of the Chicago Public Library Foundation’s 21st Century Award, May is a former reporter for The Washington Post. He’s also a native of Chicago’s South Side—Morgan Park, South Shore—and in addition to rooting for the White Sox, he also longs for the day when the football Cardinals quit their nomadic wandering and return to their original home on the South Side. Eric’s fiction has also appeared in Fish Stories, Solstice, Hypertext, Flyleaf Journal, F, and Criminal Class magazines. In addition to his Post reporting, his nonfiction has appeared in Sport Literate, Chicago Tribune, and the personal essay anthology Briefly Knocked Unconscious By A Low-Flying Duck. He has taught at the Stonecoast, Solstice, Northwestern University, and Chicago writers’ conferences, and in Chicago he’s read personal essays with 2nd Story, That’s All She Wrote, and done oral tellings at the Grown Folks’ Stories and Here’s the Story personal essay programs.

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