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Left My Heart in San Francisco

The Chief and Matt Weber discuss Matty’s latest trip to San Francisco. Then ‘Ag Mondays’ with Chris Manns welcomes Kyle Isakower, Vice President for Regulatory and Economic Policy at the American Petroleum Institute. Mr. Isakower and the guys discuss the North Dakota access oil pipeline and how this election impacts the oil industry. David Andalman of PTI Securities & Futures is shocked at the weekend’s events and their lack of effect on the markets. Then he and the Chief debate the actual interest collected by card brands and the big banks. 

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Guests & Co-Hosts

Chris Manns

Christopher Manns manages PTI Securities & Futures’ global commodities area and is a research analyst. He devotes much of his time to monitoring and analyzing the latest international commodities reports and financial research. This allows him to keep the firm’s management well informed so that they can, in turn, apprise their clients on pertinent information. Christopher has more than 18 years of securities and financial services experience. Prior to joining PTI Securities, he was a floor broker for AE Staley at the Chicago Board of Trade, and worked for the grain division of Rodman & Renshaw. He has authored many commodities articles and training materials, and speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. Christopher earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Christopher lives with his wife in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. Read more.

Kyle Isakower

Kyle Isakower serves as vice president for Regulatory and Economic Policy at the American Petroleum Institute. In this role, Mr. Isakower manages API’s review of U.S. tax policies and the development of economic analyses pertaining to public policies affecting the oil and natural gas industry. He also oversees API programs that review proposed environmental rules and energy regulations, the development of industry standards for use domestically and abroad, and the creation of statistical products covering the industry and markets.

Mr. Isakower possesses 30 years of energy and environmental policy experience including work in consulting and government positions. In addition to his current areas of expertise, in his 21 years with API he has overseen API’s climate policy development, and served as an advocate on behalf of the oil and natural gas sector regarding waste management and remediation, ambient air quality standards and air toxics issues.

Mr. Isakower holds a master’s degree in earth science from Adelphi University and a bachelor’s degree in biology-geology from the University of Rochester.

David Andalman

Technical Analyst, DACS Research, PTI Securities & Futures

David Andalman joins the Stocks & Jocks show every Monday and Wednesday morning. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and earned his bachelor's degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois, and then his MBA in Finance and Marketing from Indiana University. David traded for a year at the MidAmerica Commodity Exchange before starting the DACS Research Newsletters on commodity futures, which were the first all-technical research newsletters at the CME. Currently, he has been a senior wealth manager and portfolio strategist for over 23 years. He holds registrations in Series 3, 4 (Options Principal), 7, 55, 63 and is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor. Read more.

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